Plugin Alliance All Bundle 2023.12完整版 WiN最新插件集包含171个套插件 暂无演示
Plugin Alliance All Bundle 2023.12完整版 WiN最新插件集包含171个套插件手机扫码预览

Plugin Alliance All Bundle 2023.12完整版 WiN最新插件集包含171个套插件

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    Plugin Alliance All Bundle 2023.12完整版 WiN最新插件集包含171个套插件插图The new Plugin Alliance ALL Bundle 2022 offers more than 150 plugins from more than 40 brands in 1 massive bundle. Get your hands on high-end audio tools from world-renowned brands such as Focusrite, SSL, Brainworx, Shadow Hills, Black Box Analog Design and many more.

    新的插件联盟ALL捆绑包2022在一个巨大的捆绑包中提供了来自40多个品牌的150多个插件。从全球知名品牌获得高端音频工具,如Focusrite、SSL、Brainworx、Shadow Hills、Black Box Analog Design等。

    What’s NEW?


    With a portfolio of more than 150 plugins and apps, the ALL Bundle 2022 offers one of the most diverse and sonically impressive collections in the pro audio world. Developed and based on love for music and technology – digital and analog. Check out some of the brand-new tools!

    ALL Bundle 2022拥有150多个插件和应用程序组合,提供专业音频世界中最多样、最令人印象深刻的系列之一。基于对音乐和技术(数字和模拟)的热爱而开发。看看一些全新的工具!

    NEW! TBT Kirchhoff-EQ


    The ultimate digital EQ plugin, with every feature you’ll ever need. Dynamics processing, vintage models, selectable phase modes and more.


    NEW! bx_masterdesk True Peak


    The complete analog mastering desk in your DAW, as easy as 1-2-3! Now with improved True Peak Limiter on board, and more!

    DAW中的完整模拟母盘,就像1-2-3一样简单!现在,船上有改进的True Peak Limiter,还有更多!



    A color box with endless mojo and unique controls, based on the original boutique hardware.


    NEW! Unfiltered Audio TAILS


    Advanced auto-ducking reverb keeps transients and dissonance out for smooth, extended shimmer without all the clutter.


    NEW! Looptrotter SA2RATE 2

    新的!活套SA2RATE 2

    Warm up your audio with pleasing harmonics and gentle peak reduction. Add smooth saturation while keeping your lows powerful and your highs smooth.


    NEW! bx_console AMEK 9099

    新的!bx_控制台AMEK 9099

    Rupert Neve-designed Amek TMT console: The acclaimed 9098i Analogue desk as a plugin, packed with new features.

    Rupert Neve设计了Amek TMT控制台:广受好评的9098i模拟桌作为插件,配备了新功能。



    The future of dynamic and tonal control. Thoroughly and cleanly reshape your sound in ways that other processors simply cannot.


    NEW! AMEK EQ 250


    The digital version of Sontec’s high-end parametric EQ for modern mixing and mastering.


    NEW! Knif Audio Soma

    新的!Knif Audio Soma公司

    A new type of passive tube EQ, offering cleaner, more flexible tone & more precise EQ adjustments. Perfect for the modern mastering engineer.


    Every EQ type you’ll ever need from the industry’s best


    A huge selection of best-in-class EQ types. From legendary parametric EQs like the AMEK EQ250 to feature-rich Parametric EQ such as the Kirchhoff-EQ. Get painstaking TMT emulations of reductive EQs such as the Knif Soma, and Mid/Side pioneers like the bx_digital V3, and of course, recreations of some of the most respected analog EQs of all time including the Bettermaker EQ232D and the Mäag EQ 4.

    大量选择一流的情商类型。从AMEK EQ250等传奇参数EQ到Kirchhoff EQ等丰富的参数EQ。对Knif Soma等简化型EQ和bx_digital V3等Mid/Side先锋进行了艰苦的TMT模拟,当然,还可以重现一些有史以来最受尊敬的模拟EQ,包括Bettermaker EQ232D和Mäag EQ 4。

    Unique, realistic, and great sounding Virtual Instruments


    Get your hands on a unique collection of virtual instruments that range from hyper-realistic string bass emulations like the WEDGE FORCE Keemun to the pulsating synth bass of the Brainworx bx_oberhausen. Analog Synth lovers will enjoy one-of-a-kind emulations like the 26-vacuum tube-driven Knifonium. Synth futurists get cutting-edge sounds from the likes of the Unfiltered Audio LION with its dual-oscillator architecture, and the DS Audio Thorn spectral synth. All playable on your MIDI keyboard with super-low latency.

    获得一系列独特的虚拟乐器,从超现实的弦低音模拟(如WEDGE FORCE Keemun)到Brainworx bx_oberhausen的脉动合成低音,应有尽有。Analog Synth爱好者将享受独一无二的仿真,如26真空管驱动的Knifonium。Synth未来主义者从未过滤音频LION及其双振荡器架构和DS Audio Thorn频谱合成器等产品中获得尖端声音。所有这些都可以在MIDI键盘上播放,具有超低延迟。

    The definitive collection of Dynamic plugins


    Plugin alliance offers all the must-have dynamic processing plugins needed for professional mixing and mastering from great sounding limiters such as the bx_limiter True Peak to classic compressors like the SPL IRON and the Shadow Hills Class A, as well as acclaimed tube saturators like THE OVEN and the Black Box HG-2MS.

    插件联盟提供专业混音和掌握所需的所有必备动态处理插件,从bx_limiter True Peak等大型发声限制器到SPL IRON和Shadow Hills Class A等经典压缩机,以及the OVEN和Black Box HG-2MS等广受赞誉的管饱和器。

    Sound unique with cutting edge studio FX


    Every musician and music producer needs a killer collection of FX plugins in their arsenal. Plugin Alliance has you covered. Whether you need subtle to extreme autotune from the bx_crispytuner, vintage tape modulation and lo-fi effects from plugins like the Neold Warble and ADA STD-1, cutting-edge reverb plugins like UnFIAu TAILS, or rhythmic multi-effects plugins like the DS Audio Tantra 2. All the FX plugins you need, plus so many more that will unlock new sonic possibilities.

    每一位音乐家和音乐制作人都需要在他们的武器库中收集一个杀手级的FX插件。插件联盟已覆盖您。无论您是否需要bx_crispytuner的细微到极致的自动调谐,Neold Warble和ADA STD-1等插件的复古磁带调制和高保真效果,UnFIAu TAILS等尖端混响插件,或DS Audio Tantra 2等节奏多重效果插件。所有你需要的FX插件,再加上更多,将解锁新的声音可能性。

    Studio console legends from SSL, AMEK and Focusrite in your DAW


    Get an incredible selection of channel strip emulations from the greats including SSL, AMEK, Focusrite, Brainworx and Lindell Audio. Each has been painstakingly created with Brainworx patented TMT modeling, delivering that analog sound in a way no one else can.

    从包括SSL、AMEK、Focusrite、Brainworx和Lindell Audio在内的大品牌中获得令人难以置信的频道条模拟选择。每一个都是用Brainworx专利的TMT模型精心打造的,以其他人无法做到的方式传递模拟声音。

    Each console delivers its signature sound: There’s the silky dynamics of the Brainworx bx_console AMEK 9099, emulating the legendary AMEK 9098i Master Console; the shiny top end and a fluffy 70’s vintage character of the Lindell 80 Series; the tight, rich and punchy tone of the Lindell 50 Series. The extended bottom end and clean and open top end of the SSL9000 J; and the clinically precise and extremely pleasing dynamic punch and equalization of the George Martin favored Focusrite SC. And so many more.

    每个控制台都能发出其独特的声音:Brainworx bx_console AMEK 9099具有丝般的动感,模仿了传奇的AMEK 9098i主控制台;Lindell 80系列闪亮的顶端和蓬松的70年代复古风格;Lindell 50系列紧凑、丰富而有力的音色。SSL9000 J的延伸底端和清洁开放的顶端;乔治·马丁(George Martin)对Focusrite SC青睐有加,其临床上精确且极其令人愉悦的动态冲击和均衡效果更是如此。

    The perfect digital recording setup for your Guitar and Bass


    Get the finest collection of guitar and bass amp plugins out there, with amps offering something for every taste and genre. Highlights include the perfect heavy and clean tones of the Diezel Herbert, the smooth tube-driven tone of the iconic Ampeg SVT-VR; the Modern Pl

    获得最好的吉他和低音放大器插件,放大器为每一种口味和流派提供一些东西。亮点包括Diezel Herbert的完美重调和干净调,标志性Ampeg SVT-VR的平滑管驱动调;现代Pl

    Plugin Alliance All Bundle 2023.12完整版 WiN最新插件集包含171个套插件插图2 Plugin Alliance All Bundle 2023.12完整版 WiN最新插件集包含171个套插件插图4 Plugin Alliance All Bundle 2023.12完整版 WiN最新插件集包含171个套插件插图6Plugin Alliance All Bundle 2023.12完整版 WiN最新插件集包含171个套插件插图8 Plugin Alliance All Bundle 2023.12完整版 WiN最新插件集包含171个套插件插图10

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